Solar PV for Home or Business

At Example Energy we take pride in knowing that we provide a high quality service in all aspects of the Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solar PV Systems. Our team of competent and highly qualified contractors has over 30 years of experience in the trade. 

This means we also provide the AC and DC design and installation stages of the project as part of our service, undertaken by our team of certified electricians.

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV (Solar PhotoVoltaics) Is the generation of electricity using energy that is produced by the sun. The installation of large-scale solar PV arrays has become increasingly popular over the years as technology has advanced. 

All in all Solar PV is an economically friendly alternative to burning through our limited resource of fossil fuels & its very effective.


Your carbon footprint will be reduced as you reduce your reliance on energy created using fossil fuels. The electricity produced by Solar PV is clean, green and creates no greenhouse gases. Having a solar PV system will also noticeably reduce what you pay for electricity.

How it works..

Each solar panel in a solar PV array absorbs energy from the sun and transforms it into a DC voltage. This is then passed through an inverter, which then converts the generated DC voltage into a 'useable' AC voltage. This converted electricity then goes on to power your appliances throughout the day, after passing through a generation meter (This monitors production) And if there is any unused energy it will then be fed back into the grid.

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